#1 Archontophoenix purpurea

Common Name: Purple King Palm

Native to Australia this landscape beauty has a very attractive purple crown shaft and large feathery leaf crown.The trunks can reach a height of 40-50 feet but grows at a slow rate.This palm does well from sea level to the 4500 foot elevation. It can tolerate full sun at a young age but needs protection from strong wind.

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#2 Areca vestiaria (red form)

Common Name: Sunset Palm

Indigenous to the low mountainous rain forest of Eastern Indonesia. It is a small to medium sized clumping or solitary palm that can reach 20 Feet in height when mature. A distinct Ariel root system can be found at the base. This palm thrives in full sun but looks better in partial shade. It will grow from sea level up to a 4000 foot elevation. It requires adequate water, rich soil and good drainage. The species can be found in a variation of colors.

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#3 Beccariophoenix madagascariensis

Common Name: Window Palm

A Madagascar native, often referred to as the giant window pain palm because of the large undivided leaves with separated segments towards the middle causing a see through view. Also called the Madagascar coconut, for its similarity to the common coconut palm but with a larger more profound canopy scape. Reaching heights of 40 feet it grows in well drained soil from sea level to 3000 feet.

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#4 Bismarckia nobilis (silver)

Common Name: Bismarck Palm

This very striking Madagascar native is an excellent addition to any landscape provided it has enough room to thrive and flourish. Moderate to quick growing, it does well in full sun. It is drought tolerant but grows fuller and quicker with adequate water and good drainage. The Bismarckia palm grows very well at sea level and also does well up to a 3500 foot elevation.

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#5 Carpoxylon macrospermum

Common Name: “Rip Curl” Palm

Indigenous to the South Pacific island of Vanuatu, this very rare palm was hard to come by but is now becoming more widely cultivated. With its beautiful arcing, re curving V-shaped leaves, it makes a very eye catching landscape specimen. It thrives in full sun with adequate water. From a 3000 foot elevation down to sea level Carpoxylon grows well.

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#6 Caryota ophiopellis

Common Name: Snake Skin Palm

The rare snake skin palm from Vanuatu has a distinctive snake skin pattern on its petiole. A slow grower that can reach a height of 15-20 feet. Its a very impressive under story palm that prefers a shady aspect within the landscape. It can be planted along the coast and up to a 2500 foot elevation.

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#7 Chambeyronia macrocarpa

Common Name: Red Flame Palm

Native to New Caledonia, this Palm throws out a brilliant red new emergent leaf. The bright red color of the new leaf last for a week before becoming sun hardened into dark green. Slow to moderate growing palm that prefers partial shade when young but relishes in full sun when older. It’s a marvelous palm that requires a fair amount of water and rich organic well-drained soil. From sea level to 3500 feet the red flame Palm will thrive.

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#8 Pinanga coronata (blunt leaf form)

Common Name: Ivory Cane Palm

The Ivory Cane Palm makes an excellent privacy screen. A clustering species that grows to a height of 12-15ft and 6-8ft wide when mature. Indigenous to Java, this Palm luxuriates in a semi shaded location. With adequate water and well-drained soil it does well from sea level to 3000 feet.

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#9 Ravenea hildebrandtii

Common Name: Dwarf Ravenea Palm

A Comoro island native, this Ravenea species is a delightful miniature palm reaching a maximum height of 12 to 15 feet. Slow growing and not finicky about soil condition as long as well drained. Preferring a partial shaded location but tolerating full sun. Plant this Palm from an elevation of 2500 feet down to coastal areas.

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#10 Syagrus botryophora

Common Name: Egyptian Queen Palm

This Palm is endemic to Brazil where it grows in low lying coastal areas. A hardy fast-growing palm that can also be found at higher elevations, and not very finicky about shade or full sun location. Quite elegant as a solitary specimen but even more fantastic planted in groups of 3 or more individuals at varying heights.

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